Risk management for small or medium sized businesses or projects


Several Acts and Regulations covers the duties of the employers to be able to document the risk related to their business and how these are managed:

  • The Working Environment Act
  • Internal Control Regulations
  • PSA Regulatins for the oil and gas industry
  • Maritime regulations (The Red Book)
  • …and more

Course content

Risk management comprises the activities undertaken by a business to identify, evaluate and manage the risks which the business exposes itself, it’s employees, and the surrounding society (3rd parties) to.

The introduction course provides and understanding of the relevant acts and regulations, combined with standard methods for risk identification and assessment.

The training will give the participant

  • Undertanding of the risk term
  • Overview of relevant acts and regulations
  • Knowledge of different methods for risk identification
  • Knowledge of alternative ways of risk assessment
  • An understanding of how risk may be reduced through both technical operational and organisational measures (barriers)

The following themes are covered

  • Introduction to relevant regulations
  • Clarification of the risk term, what it contains and how this is interpreted
  • What is a risk analysis
  • Purpose of risk analysis
  • Different types of risk analysis
  • Methods for risk quantification
  • The term “Risk Acceptance Criteria”
  • Selection of barriers, when do we have enough?
  • When do we need to update opur risk analysis
  • Examples and cases for discussion in plenum



Course location

Standard courses are held in our location.


6 hours, normally from 09.00 to 15:00.



Target group

All employees with responsibility for one or more of the business activities, HSE Managers, Safety Delegates, Business Management.


NOK 3.990,- ex. VAT per per participant on standard courses.

Lunch is included

For company internal courses or for businesses sending mnore than one peron, special prices may be given. Please contact us for more information.