HSE for managers


The Working Environment Act § 3-5 requires that employers should be able to document training within HSE (Health, Safety and Environment). The duty is personal and cannot be delegated, and the training shalll be documented.

The purpose of the training is to enable leaders to better understand proactive work towards preventing that the business is subject to large finacial losses as a result of work related injuries, conflicts, and high absense due to sickness caused by a poor physical or psychosocial working environment.

Course content

This course satisfies the The Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority requirements, and gives an introduction to hwat the HSE work comprises and how this may be organized and performed in the business. The course diploma issued after completed course nsatisfies the requirement related to documentation.

The training should give the employer:

  • An introduction to The Working Enviroment Act
  • An orientation regarding the regulations related to The Working Enviromnent Act
  • Knowledge of The Working Enviromnent Act’s requirements and regulatuions relevant to his or her own business
  • Knowledge of:
    • The employers duties
    • The employees rights and duty to participate
    • The safety representative’s function and tasks
    • The working environment committee’s function and tasks
    • The function of the Occupational health services

The following topics are covered:

  • Introduction to The Working Environment Act and relevant regulations
  • Systematic HSE work and the managers responsibility and obligation to establish, introduce and maintain HSE systems
  • Risk assessments and internal control
  • Roles and tasks within the area of HSE for managers, safety representatives and members of the working environment committee
  • Requirements related to the physical and psychosocial working environment
  • Focus on a good working environment for everyone
  • How to establish, introduce and maintain an HSE system at the work place.



Course location

Standard courses are held at our locations at Forus, Stavanger. Company internal courses or custom courses may be held at the clients locations or another location on the clients request.


6 hours, normally from 09.00 to 15.00

May also be held in the afternoon or evening. Please contact us for more information if this is of interest.



Target group

Business managers for businesses of any size.


NOK 2.490,- ex. VAT for each participant.

Lunch is included.

For company internal or customized courses, other prices may be given.